U25 Tournament at Broadway Bowling Club

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Under 25s 2020 Four Counties Festival

Venue / host: Broadway BC, Worcestershire BA, 2nd May 2022

Match report:

As most people would be aware, this festival has been two years in the making. Due to lock downs and everything else. But fear not this event went ahead this season without any major issues.

This season’s team had a bit of a transformation, due to losing players from being too old. Who would have thought it, too old at 25. We are low on numbers from the lad’s side of things 9 players in total, this means we had to call on some of our young ladies to come to our aid. Which I am eternally grateful for. We also had a few new caps for this event, William Johnson, Harry Boulton, Alfie Griffiths, Aqua-Marie Griffiths, and Millie Adkins.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t our day this year. At the midpoint of the games the results were all in the balance.

Maddie’s rink were 7 shots apiece at 10 ends, only to drop a 4 on the 11th end, but responded with a 2 on the 12th end. Our rink then only managed to score 2 more singles on the remaining ends. This was due to the Somerset skip being in fine form, some big conversions on a few ends.

William’s rink at 10 ends were 4 v 10 down, but a big conversion shot (5) on the 11th end closed the gap to a single shot difference. Our rink then went on to pick up a 2 which put them in front for the first time in the game. Over the next 3 ends thing were tight. But we lost 6 shots over the last 6 ends with a response of only 4 shots. A good performance from the two new caps Harry and Will.

Harvey’s rink at ten ends were 13 v 15 down, at this point the rink changed in dynamics due to giving Alfie a run out and taking James Turners place. From this point in the game the rink lost 6 consecutive ends giving the Gloucester boys a healthy lead, not helped when we were holding but got unlucky when trying to add to the counts, we were holding but ended up lifting the jack to lose the end. Mind you the entertainment on this rink was great to see.

From a spectator’s point of view, I am sure everyone enjoyed seeing 47 under 25s on the green, something we as a county should strive to advertise.

This only leaves me to thank a few people, firstly the team and I would like to thank the President Tony Keeling and Chairman John (Wesso) Weston for their continued support for the under 25’s.

Thanks also go to President Sue Davies of Broadway bowls club who also officiated for us on the day. If you would be so kind and pass on our thanks to your club Sue that would be appreciated. Also, thanks to Viv Hall for her hard work in the kitchen. Thanks to Denis and his green staff team for letting us have the pleasure of bowling on a great surface.

Lastly, I only think its right to thank all the parents and grand parents who helped get all the players to the venue safe and sound.

Under 25s 2022 Four Counties Festival

Venue / host Broadway BC, Worcestershire BA, 2nd May 2022

Match Report

Harry BoultonL. RoseWiltshire
Willian JohnsonL. Tucker
Matt LeedhamH. Daniels
William HemingB. Choules
Aqua GriffithsP. LoeringSomerset
Millie AdkinsS. Dart
Izzie WhiteF. Ham
Maddie BurgessO. Starr
Thomas YappL. HodgesGloucestershire
James TurnerJ. Hodges
Jonathan SmithA, Smith
Harvey GriffithsA. White