(Founded 1918) - Tel: 01684 574822
Green: Albert Park Road North. Malvern.
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Manor Park Bowling Club
Approved Coloured Shirt: White Polo Shirt with Red Collar, blue piping to sleeves, Red Plaque
Club smoking policy: Non smoking in Clubhouse or on the Green
Email Contact:

[email protected]

Chairman: Gordon Morris Tel: 01684 310631

Club Captain:



Julie Morgan

[email protected]



01684 566593

07715 407750

Ladies Captain:

Liz Mills Tel: 01684 300049


[email protected]

Mob 07857 870330
Mens Singles Champion: Mike Pilling Tel:  01684 572568
Ladies Singles Champion: Julie Morgan Tel: 01684 566593
Club Secretary: Paul Buxton
Tel: 01905 820025

[email protected]

Ladies Secretary: Julie Morgan Tel: 01684 566593
Email: [email protected]
 Fixture Secretary: Derek Starkey
Tel: 01886 832064

[email protected]

Exec.Council Members Gerald Wintermute

[email protected]

  Roger Orgill

[email protected]

The Clubs History:      

The Manor Park Club had a bowling green mentioned in its archives dated 1907, but quite evidently of minimum dimensions, for the Archers, who were a strong force, objected strongly when they lost part of their shooting area for the green to be extended to its present size in 1912.

Two years later there were two clubs bowling out of Manor Park, one having to use the green jointly with the Croquet Club that was thriving. World War 1 had a dramatic effect on all the sports played at the club, but the Committee insisted that the wounded soldiers recuperating nearby, be allowed to sit and watch games being played.

In 1921 Lady Foley, the wealthy landowner of the district, made a gift of the 10 acre site into the hands of a Trust made up from prominent business men – and this situation will remain forever.

The Bowls Club had a mottled career in its membership and in the late twenties had to share its green with the Croquet Club that began to flourish again.

World War II naturally created a set back, although soon after, it seems a clubhouse came into being with one changing room 10 feet square. This remained the position, with minor improvements, until the members, under the direction of Fred Orme, raised it to the ground, replacing it with a second hand school building with quite modern conveniences.

Over the years many members achieved successes, but none more than Alec Jackson who won the All England Indoor Singles and became an International player. Bill Green was prominent in County Competitions and National Competitions and was also involved for many years in County matters serving on the GPC for many years, whilst Ian Reid was President of the County in 1988.


Updated 7th January 2020