(Founded 1963) - Tel: 01386 725525
Green: Sports field, Overbury.
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Overbury Bowling Club
Approved Coloured Shirt: White shirt, Grasshopper emblem on left shoulder panel,
dark green collar & sleeves
Club smoking policy: No smoking in Clubhouse or on the Green
Email Contact: [email protected]
President: Penelope Bossom Tel: 01368 725111
Captain: Mike Ames Tel:  01242 677520

[email protected]

Ladies Captain: Gillian Pearce Tel: 01242 621099
Mens Singles Champion: Neil Williams Tel: 01684 292943
Ladies Singles Champion: Gillian Pearce Tel: 01242 621099
Club Secretary: Susan Robinson
Tel: 01242 675791
Email: [email protected]
Ladies Secretary:

Yvonne Cole

Tel: 01242 673059

[email protected]

Fixture Secretary: Allen Mottershead
Tel:  01242 602687
Email: [email protected]
The Club's History:      

In 1962 Kemerton Bowling Club lost the use of their green and approached interested people in Overbury suggesting that a bowling club be set up there.   One of these receptive was the butcher at Overbury Court, who suggested to the Overbury Estate owner Mr Edward Holland-Martin that the derelict court at the rear of the cricket field could be developed as a bowling green.   Mr Holland-Martin agreed, as the Club would increase the village amenities, with the stipulation that the membership should be limited to residents living within one and half miles of Overbury.   The butcher managed to recruit a few Estate workers, and farm workers. At the end of the harvest work started.  

The Kemerton contingent was mainly quite aged and muscle power was at a premium.   By the Spring of 1963 we had a green, with possibilities of extension to full size, a basic pavilion, again with possibilities for extension.   There was a modest list of fixtures, but a chronic shortage of bowlers. Luckily, our relationship with Bredon Bowling Club was excellent and they helped us out on numerous occasions.   It was obvious we were not going to recruit locally, and eventually Mr Holland-Martin waived his restriction.  

The Club was fortunate that no other Club existed between Overbury and Cheltenham, this being a large catchment area we have been able to maintain a good membership ever since.  

The planned extension of the Green and Clubhouse both happened in the 1980’s giving us the Overbury Bowling Club we know today.


Updated 14th January 2020