(Founded 1932)
Green: Cripplegate Park, Tybridge Street, Worcester
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Website: Website
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Approved Coloured Shirt: None
Club smoking policy: None
Email Contact: [email protected]
President: John Cambridge Tel: 01905 425192
Email: [email protected]    
Captain: Trevor Sandles Tel: 01905 864614
Mens Singles Champion: R. bennett Tel: 01905 427894
Club Secretary: Barry Ford
2 Kingsbury Road

St Johns
Worcester  WR2 4JH

07904 091205


[email protected]

Fixture Secretary: Dave Morgan Tel:

01905 424861

07521 198041

Email: [email protected]
Exec.Council Members John Cambridge [email protected]
  Barry Ford [email protected]
The Clubs History:      

The Club was founded in 1930 and consisted mainly of members of the Congregational Church in Angel Street. The object of the Club was “to provide members of the Worcester Brotherhood and others, with facilities for playing bowls” At that time, membership was open was open primarily to members of the Brotherhood and “any other person acceptable to the Brotherhood Executive Committee or general meeting of the members.

There is no record of any other rules prior to 1943, from which the above information was extracted. The 1943 Rules also included “Disputes – A member shall have the right to appeal to the County Bowling Association on bowling matters, and on all other matters, to the Council of the Worcester Brotherhood”.  These Rules were not revised until 1968.

The Club became affiliated to the County Association in 1938. In 1939 with the approval of the County Association, an annual feature was started with a Bowlers Service at the Angel Street Church, with the address given by one of the Club members, this was held on a Sunday prior to the opening of the season and continued for more than 20 years, and at which all County bowlers were welcomed.  

The first President of the Club was G.W. Foss, who held the office for 10 years.

The numerous successes of Club members at International, National and County Level are too many to list here, they can be found in the lists of International Honours and County Competition Winners on this website.

The Club has provided two Presidents of the Association, Mr A.J. Morton in 1957 and H.H. Russell in 1960.


Updated 23rd March 2021