Information for Competitors

Competition Entry:  The person that submits their details on the Competition Entry Form is deemed to be the ENTRANT.  That person is NOTallowed to play in any other team in any of the competitions entered.  Should a player wish to manage another team game in any competition, only the details of the manager of that team to be submitted NOT THE NAME.

Veteran Pairs:  This competition is ONLY for players that have passed their 65th birthday on the 1st May in the year of competition.  Both players Names and Ages to be declared.

Under 25's:  This competition is ONLY for players that have NOT passed their 25th birthday on the 1st April in the year of competition.

Start Times:  All Games except Semi-finals and Finals to start at 6.15 p.m. (or before if mutually agreed) with 30 minutes grace.

Drawing for Rinks:  It is the responsibility of opponents to draw for a rink, and verify that rink has been approved and is still suitable for play.

Protests:  In connection with the competition to be made in accordance with rule 11d, Constitution & rules

Venue:  The home player (Challenger) may play on a neutral green.

IF     The home green has been declared unfit.
OR   There is an over capacity of games on the home green.
OR   If the challenger so wishes.

All changes of venue MUST be by mutual consent.

The challenger MUST cover the costs of the opponent.

The Competitions Secretary MUST be informed of any changes of venue prior to the game taking place.

Round Dates:  Games are to be played on (or before if mutually agreed) the dates stated, in all rounds up to and including the Quarter Finals.

Substituted players:  The team will consist of the players named on the first card submitted.  Only one substitution will be allowed per Competition, e.g. in triples it can be considered a squad of four.
(In Mixed Fours - One lady and one gent are allowed to be substituted)

Semi-Finals:  To be arranged on neutral greens by the Competition Secretary.  The Vernon Turner Cup:Semi-Finals & Final MUST always be played on neutral greens arranged by the Competition Secretary.

Finals:  Will be played on “Finals Day” Without Exception. Consideration will only be given where a player is on England duty or has to play in more than 3 finals on the same day. (Finals will be played on the President’s green, whenever possible)

All Semi-Finals & Finals will always be played in WHITES including SHOES.

Vernon Turner Cup:  These games are scheduled to be played on a Sunday morning at any time (but usually at 10.00 a.m.) The challenger (Home Team) should agree the actual time with their opponents. By mutual agreement, the games may be played on an earlier date and time (not necessarily a Sunday).

Weather affected games:  Should play be suspended, the game should re‑commence, at the point at which it was suspended, the next possible day available to all participants, on the same rink. (Competition Secretary to be notified accordingly).

Score cards:  On completion of EVERY GAME, the card of the winner should be signed by the loser as being a true record.

ALL competitors names to be inserted and be legible on each card.

ALL cards to be sent either: as a photo via mobile phone or via a scan and attached to email or posted to the home address of the Competition Secretary to verify that all players are eligible to play.

FAILURE to comply with these rules without a valid excuse could lead to the immediate EXPULSION from the Competition.

Results:  In ALL cases results MUST be phoned or emailed in (preferably on the same day) but within 24 hours

              The men are allowed to send a scan or photo of the result card with all names and result legible


the Men’s Competition Secretary  Mark Atkins
(07848 037041)
E-mail: [email protected]

the Ladies Competition Secretary  Viv Hall
01386 832 302 or 07855 298877)
E-mail:  [email protected]

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