History & Honours

Honorary Life Members

This list comprises all known Honorary life members of the Association from 1930 (Men) 1947 (Women) and 2010 (Unified)

The County Handbook does not contain deceased life members beyond one year of their death.

Mrs. D. PriestDeceased
F.C. Langstone Esq.Deceased
S. Pullin Esq.Deceased
Mrs. E. SummersDeceased
F. Summers Esq.Deceased
H. J. Hall Esq.Deceased
A. McPhail Esq.Deceased
Mrs J. McPhailDeceased
A. J. Williams Esq.Deceased
W. A. Partridge Esq.Deceased
J. Coates Esq.Deceased
Mrs J. WindmillDeceased
N. S. Deeprose Esq.Deceased
P. Coates Esq.
T. J. Evans Esq.Deceased
T. Dunderdale Esq.Deceased
C. Pinchin Esq.Deceased
Mrs B. Pinchin
Mrs. R. Sandoz
J. Sleep Esq.
B. Dovey Esq.Deceased
J. G. Tolley Esq.Deceased
B. Borthwick Esq.Deceased
B. de Ste Croix Esq.Deceased
H. Haines Esq.Deceased
G. Hall Esq.Deceased
G. Hepplethwaite Esq.
P. Lill Esq.
D. Price Esq.Deceased
H. Stanley Esq.
J. F. Weston Esq.
I. Crowe Esq.
Mrs M. Compton
R. Briscoe Esq.Deceased
S. V. Barkas Esq.
Mrs C. Tolley
I .Poole