Redditch Bowling Club

Club Address

Cherry Tree Walk, Batchley, Redditch, B97 6PB

Club Personnel

Derek Bond President

T: 07946 531918

E: [email protected]

Len Phillips Club Captain

T: 01527 592949

E: [email protected]

Barbara Wood Club \ Fixture Secretary

A: 21 Ansley Close, Redditch,B98 0AX

T: 01527 525490

E: [email protected]

Club Bio

Our Club was founded in 1946, the founder members laying their own green. No records for the years 1946 - 1975 exist, so the number of members and rate of subscriptions during those years is unknown. However, the records do show that in 1976 the annual subscriptions were £2 per member and a further 20 years later they had been raised to £20 per member {reduced for members receiving a state pension}.

In the early days, to become a member of the bowling club, men had to be an employee of the High Duty Alloys Company, {Ladies usually got involved in catering} but this is no longer the case. Our Bowling Club is now a fully mixed membership, welcoming ladies as well as gentlemen bowlers along with youngsters of all ages.

In the late 1980’s, the local British Aluminium Bowling Club was disbanded due to the closure of the bowling facilities and many of the members joined High Duty Alloys Bowling Club.

Until 2015 Barry Hay was our longest serving member and worked at High Duty Alloys until he retired. Barry was a bowling club member for 50 years and enjoyed many Club and County competitions successes.

The Club has had many County Competition successes in the past 75 years, the first of which was in our foundation year, winning the County Fours Competition.

The Club’s most senior members to date are Jim Gibbons and Eddie Brown who have had many Club and County competition successes between them. Jim has held many officer positions in his years with our club and still organises our club competitions in honour of past members.

Year Founded1946
Approved Shirt ColourWhite Shirt with Blue Piping in quarter panels. Royal Blue arm cuff and collar.