Evesham Bowling Club


Club Address

Blind Lane, Albert Road, Evesham. WR11 4LE / WR11 4JX

Club Personnel

Craig Murray President

T: 07793 554941

E: [email protected]

Jonathan Haines Mens Singles Champion

T: 07528 623490

E: [email protected]

Bekah Funning Ladies Singles Champion

T: 07593 976516

E: [email protected]

Dave Bennett Club Secretary

T: 07925 587565

E: [email protected]

Gail Langton Fixture Secretary

T: 07538 209461

E: [email protected]

Nigel Gould Exec. Council Member 1

T: 07876 262003

E: [email protected]

Dave Bennett Exec. Council Member 2

T: 07925 587565

E: [email protected]

Club Email

E: [email protected]

Club Bio

During the summer of 2020, the club built a new clubhouse on the side of the green. This is raised 2 metres above ground level overlooking the green, which should mitigate the risk of flooding. We currently have a mixed membership totalling approximately 80, which includes a mixture of all abilities. There is a full fixture list each season, participating in 5 leagues, as well as a large number of friendly games, allowing for both competitive and social bowlers.

The club was formed on 5th April 1907, the object of the Club when formed was:- “To play the ancient game of Bowls and to promote social intercourse and rational recreation”. The subscription was set at ten shillings and six pence per annum.

The original green was at Northwick Hotel, Waterside, and play continued there until 1993 when the Hotel wanted to turn the area into a Car Park. The Club was forced to look for a new home and following the building of a brand new green, moved to its current venue, as part of the Evesham Sports Club.

A natural disaster overtook the Club in 1998 when Evesham was flooded, the green was under 12 feet of water, all the Club records were also under water and a remarkable job was carried out on both the green and the records to get them back to usable condition.

The Club celebrated its centenary in 2007 with a match against the EBA President Peter Arnold in May 2007. However, only a few weeks later, during the summer floods of July 2007, the green was under 16 feet of water, but thanks to the support of other clubs in the area, particularly Barbourne (Worcester) for holding a fund raising gala, and Bredon and Broadway for the use of their greens, the Club was able to fulfil its fixtures and recover in time for the following season.

Prior to the move to its current home, the Club has had its National and County successes, providing the County President in 1961, winning the Vernon Turner Cup in 1954, the County Singles in 1940, the Pairs in 1931, the Triples in 1951 and 1969, runners-up in the National Triples in 1969 and County Fours winners in 1934 and 1952.

Since being at the current green, there have been further successes at County level, both for the men and the ladies. In 1995 members won the WCWBA Ladies Triples, in 1997 the WCWBA Ladies Pairs and in 2006 the WCWBA Ladies Over 60's pairs. In 1998 the Ladies Team won the WCWBA County Inter-Club Double Rink. The Club has also provided two WCWBA County Presidents. In 2008 and 2021, members were winners of the WBA Reg Russell Triples. In 2005, members reached the finals of the EBA Over 55 pairs and in 2014, members reached the finals of the Bowls England Senior Pairs. In 2017, the club were beaten finalists in the Vernon Turner Trophy.

In local competitions the Club has been successful in the Concorde, South Worcestershire Triples, Vale Mixed Triples and Les Thomas Triples Leagues and also won the Willersey Trophy in 2006. In the South Worcestershire Triples League, which has been running since 1981 the Club has won the title 16 times. The Club currently has a mixed membership totalling approximately 80 and welcomes all ages and abilities.

Year Founded1907
Approved Shirt ColourSky blue polo shirt with royal blue collar and curves, triangular patterned sky blue and white sleeves and base.


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